PyPI release

libEnsemble is released on the Python Package Index (commonly known as PyPI). This enables users to pip install the package.

The package is stored on PyPI in the form of a source distribution (commonly known as a tarball). The tarball should be created as detailed below (which creates the distribution package using the file in the git root directory. Do not use the tarball on GitHub, which does not follow and does not contain the required PKG-INFO file.

You will need logon credentials for the libEnsemble PyPI. You will also need twine (which can be pip or Conda installed).

In the package directory on the main branch (the one containing do the following:

Create distribution:

python sdist

Upload (you will need username/password here):

twine upload dist/*

If you now run

pip install libensemble

it should find the new version.

It should also be visible here:

For more details on creating PyPI packages see