Release Process

A release can be undertaken only by a project administrator. A project administrator should have an administrator role on the libEnsemble GitHub, PyPI, and readthedocs pages.

Before release

  • A GitHub issue is created with a checklist for the release.

  • A release branch should be taken off develop (or develop pulls controlled).

  • Release notes for this version are added to the documentation with release date, including a list of supported (tested) platforms.

  • Version number is updated wherever it appears (and +dev suffix is removed) (in libensemble/

  • Year in LICENSE is checked for correctness. (Note: The year generated in docs by docs/ should be automatic).

  • and libensemble/ are checked to ensure all information is up to date.

  • Update .wci.yml in root directory (version, date and any other information).

  • is checked. Locally, try out python sdist and check the created tarball contains correct files and directories for PyPI package.

  • Tests are run with source to be released (this may iterate):

    • On-line CI (GitHub Actions) tests must pass.

    • Launch and verify extra tests: gh workflow run libEnsemble-complete-CI --ref branch_name

    • Scaling tests must be run on HPC platforms listed as supported in release notes. Test variants by platform, launch mechanism, scale, and other factors can be configured and exported by the libE-Templater.

    • Coverage must not have decreased unless there is a justifiable reason.

    • Documentation must build and display correctly wherever hosted (currently

  • Locally check that the example code in the README works with both local comms and mpi4py.

  • Pull request from either the develop or release branch to main requesting one or more reviewers (including at least one other administrator).

  • Reviewer will check that all tests have passed and will then approve merge.

During release

An administrator will take the following steps.

  • Merge the pull request into main.

  • Once CI tests have passed on main:

  • If the merge was made from a release branch (instead of develop), merge this branch into develop.

  • Create a new commit on develop that appends +dev to the version number (wherever is appears).

After release

  • Email the libEnsemble mailing list, and notify the everyone channel in the libEnsemble Slack workspace with an announcement and quick summary of the release.

  • Ensure all relevant GitHub issues are closed and moved to the Done column on the kanban project board (inc. the release checklist). Those that were already in Done should be archived.