Conda release

libEnsemble is released as part of the conda-forge distribution. This enables users to conda install the package.

The Conda package is created from the conda-forge feedstock repository. This repository comes with some common dependencies and automatically creates three variants (no-mpi, mpich, Open MPI).

Automatic PR

Note that once libEnsemble has been released on PYPI a conda-forge bot will usually detect the new release and automatically create a pull request with the changes below. It may take a few hours for this to happen. If no other changes are required (e.g., new dependencies), then you can simply wait for the tests to pass and merge.

Manual PR

If necessary, a manual PR can be created as follows.

Create a fork of the repository (not a branch). In the file recipe/meta.yaml bump the version number, set the build number to zero, and update the sha256. The latter can be obtained by running sha256sum on the github tarball. For example, for v0.6.0:

sha256sum libensemble-0.6.0.tar.gz

Then, use the phrase @conda-forge-admin, please rerender in a comment in the pull request for automated rerendering. The github-actions bot will reply with a message when ready to merge.


Approvals from other libEnsemble administrators will be required. Once the pull request is merged, the new package should become available to Conda, in the conda-forge channel, after a processing delay.

You can then check the three versions:

  • conda install libensemble

  • conda install libensemble=*=mpi_mpich*.

  • conda install libensemble=*=mpi_openmpi*