Supply persistent information to libEnsemble:

persis_info: [dict]:
    Dictionary containing persistent info

Holds data that is passed to and from workers updating some state information. A typical example is a random number generator to be used in consecutive calls to a generator. Optional.

If worker i sends back persis_info, it is stored in persis_info[i]. This functionality can be used to, for example, pass a random stream back to the manager to be included in future work from the allocation function.

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persis_info_1 = {
    "total_gen_calls": 0,  # Counts gen calls in alloc_f
    "last_worker": 0,  # Remembers last gen worker in alloc_f
    "next_to_give": 0,  # Remembers next H row to give in alloc_f

persis_info_1[0] = {
    "run_order": {},  # Used by manager to remember run order
    "old_runs": {},  # Used by manager to store old runs order
    "total_runs": 0,  # Used by manager to count total runs
    "rand_stream": np.random.default_rng(1),