Conda release

libEnsemble is released as part of the conda-forge distribution. This enables users to conda install the package.

The Conda package is created from the conda-forge feedstock repository. This repository comes with some common dependencies and automatically creates three variants (no-mpi, mpich, Open MPI).

Create a fork of the repository (not a branch). In the file recipe/meta.yaml bump the version number, set the build number to zero, and update the sha256. The latter can be obtained by running sha256sum on the github tarball. E.g.~ For v0.6.0:

sha256sum libensemble-0.6.0.tar.gz

Then, use the phrase @conda-forge-admin, please rerender in a comment in the pull request for automated rerendering. The github-actions bot will reply with a message when ready to merge.

Approvals from other libEnsemble administrators will be required.

Once the pull request is merged, the new package should become available to Conda, in the conda-forge channel, after a processing delay.

You can then check the three versions:

  • conda install libensemble

  • conda install libensemble=*=mpi_mpich*.

  • conda install libensemble=*=mpi_openmpi*