Zero-resource workers

Users with persistent gen_f functions may notice that the persistent workers are still automatically assigned system resources. This can be wasteful if those workers only run gen_f routines in-place and don’t use the Executor to submit applications to allocated nodes:


This can be resolved by using the libE_specs option zero_resource_workers:

libE_specs['zero_resource_workers'] = [1]

in the calling script. Set the parameter zero_resource_workers to a list of worker IDs that should not have system resources assigned.

Worker 1 will not be allocated resources. Note that additional worker processes can be added to take advantage of the free resources (if using the same resource set) for simulation instances:


An alternative, when resource sets are being used, it to set the num_resource_sets libE_specs option explicitly to the required value. The difference with declaring zero_resource_workers is that a fixed worker will have zero resources (this must be supported by the allocation function, see start_only_persistent)