work dictionary

The work dictionary contains integer keys i and dictionary values to be given to worker i. Work[i] has the following form:

Work[i]: [dict]:

    Required keys:
    'persis_info' [dict]: Any persistent info to be sent to worker 'i'
    'H_fields' [list]: The field names of the history 'H' to be sent to worker 'i'
    'tag' [int]: 'EVAL_SIM_TAG'/'EVAL_GEN_TAG' if worker 'i' is to call sim/gen_func
    'libE_info' [dict]: Info sent to/from worker to help manager update the 'H'

    Optional keys are:
    'H_rows' [list of ints]: History rows to send to worker 'i'
    'blocking' [list of ints]: Workers to be blocked by this calculation
    'persistent' [bool]: True if worker 'i' will enter persistent mode

See also

For allocation functions giving work dictionaries using persistent workers, see or For a use case where the allocation and generator functions combine to do simulation evaluations with different resources (blocking some workers), see