Balsam MPI Executor

This module launches and controls the running of tasks with Balsam.


Balsam is supported only when using mpi comms and requires Python 3.6 or higher.

In order to create a Balsam executor, the calling script should contain

exctr = BalsamMPIExecutor()

The Balsam executor inherits from the MPI executor. See the MPIExecutor for shared API. Any differences are shown below.

class balsam_executor.BalsamMPIExecutor(custom_info={})

Bases: libensemble.executors.mpi_executor.MPIExecutor

Inherits from MPIExecutor and wraps the Balsam task management service


Task kills are not configurable in the Balsam executor.

class balsam_executor.BalsamTask(app=None, app_args=None, workdir=None, stdout=None, stderr=None, workerid=None)

Bases: libensemble.executors.executor.Task

Wraps a Balsam Task from the Balsam service

The same attributes and query routines are implemented.